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Exclusive Representation of Selected Audio Manufacturers


Merging Technologies are proud to be one of the world's foremost manufacturers of high-resolution digital audio recording systems, providing stable and scalable solutions for immersive, and networked audio


As a sound engineer, you deserve to hear the REAL THING !
A natural and transparent reproduction, perfect stereo image, very fast and natural transients as well as unmatched accuracy from the very low end all the way to mid and high frequencies


Versatile and affordable Ribbon Microphones

The philosophy of BURL AUDIO is to provide the best possible recording devices, in modular, outboard units, to all levels of recording engineers at a reasonable price. All BURL AUDIO products are designed to improve your recording, mix-down, and mastering significantly. BURL AUDIO’s products are designed to be a life-long asset to your studio.


Designed in France, Audioroot provides smart and reliable mobile power solutions for remote recording applications of any kind

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